How to Download Your Emails from Outlook 365?

How to Download Your Emails from Outlook 365

Noteworthy communication should be preserved offline so that you can act upon it as per your convenience. Consumers, as well as business users would like to download important emails. If you would like to have access to emails at any time (without internet connection) you should want to download those emails into your computer. There are various ways to download or import files into local PC.

Archiving emails

Office 365 journal functions and MailStore are used to archive mails. Office 365 Journal Function (JF) will help you record all kinds of mail including internal mails. When you are sending or receiving an email, a copy will be made by JF. The copy will be attached to Journal Report and it will be preserved in unique Journal Mailbox (JM). Information about senders and recipients will be found in JM. If there is BCC recipient and distribution list, the conflict will be resolved by Office 365.

MailStore will archive the JM automatically. MailStore will parse the data in journal reports and emails will be assigned to relevant MailStore archives. Thus, even though journal archiving will be done for all users, the access to mails will be restricted to respective user only. The journaling process should be accomplished before configuring the Outlook 365 Exchange background.

Mailbox to track changes

For journaling Office 365, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Logon to ‘Office 365’ using your admin account
  • Choose Exchange in Admin (in the Office 365 admin center)
  • Steer to Compliance Management (in Exchange admin center)
  • Click on ‘New’ (under journal rules)
  • Enter name for journal rule
  • Select the applicable messages (from ‘in the sent to or received from.. drop-down list)
  • Select applicable message (from ‘Journal following messages’ drop-down list)
  • Enter the mail address
  • Click ‘Save’ button (the rule will be activated)
  • You can also setup ‘recipient for None Delivery Reports’ if there are undeliverable journal reports.

MailStore Server Configuration

If you are aware of ‘on-premise Microsoft Exchange environment’, you can follow similar steps.

The following steps should be performed in this context:

  • Sign into MailStore Client (using MailStore administrator credentials)
  • Select ‘Archive Email’
  • Select Microsoft Exchange to create a new archiving profile (From Create Profile-> Email Servers list in the window)
  • You will find a wizard which helps you specify appropriate archiving settings
  • Choose In-bound and Out-bound Mail automatically.
  • Email server hosts JM. You should select relevant protocol to access mail server. (present in Access Via)
  • The name of the mail server which hosts the JM should be entered (in Host section)
  • Enter the identification for the JM (under username and password)
  • Click ‘ Test’ button and verify if MailStore can access your inbox

You should also select relevant options under ‘Synchronize with Directory Services’ and ‘Messages with unknown e-mail addresses. You can also set a name for the archiving profile. You can run the profile automatically or immediately as per your convenience.

How to create the ultimate custom build PC

If you want the ultimate PC, whether that’s for the purpose of gaming, photo editing, video making, music recording, or for general Microsoft Office work, then you’re better off building your own PC, with some of the best parts on the market. Graphics cards, processors, RAM and more all contribute into making the ultimate custom build PC, and there’s a great selection of the market that you can choose to help you.

PC Purpose

Before you go into buying new parts to make the ultimate PC, you need to decipher what you will be using your PC for. PC’s that are custom built are generally used by computer gamers, and video editors – those that need to run large programs, quickly and efficiently, while maintaining high levels of graphics. If you’re going to be using your PC just for Microsoft Office, then you’re going to want to do this a little differently than if you’re a PC gamer. Make sure you know what you’re going to be using your PC for regularly, what you might use it for occasionally, and what you’ll probably never use it for, and this will help you to narrow down just how to build your custom computer.


RAM is exceptionally important in all computers, particularly if you want a lot of storage and you want to run your computer even faster. RAM helps you to store a lot of memory and stops you from slowing down computers. The time it takes to read and write data varies significantly depending on where files are saved, and RAM can help you to reduce this dramatically. Simply, RAM can help to run large programs efficiently, and can also help when it comes to running multiple programs at the same time – perfect for the average photo/video editor, music recorder and PC gamer.


Having a good processor is important for all computers. Some of the best processors on the market include the Intel Core i5 processor. It can help to handle even the most demanding of PC games, offers god overclocking potential to 4.5 GHz and beyond, and the platform helps to support memory and SSDs. The processor works hand in hand with the RAM to help process everything on the computer, making it run smoother than ever.

SSD Card

An SSD Card can help to speed up your custom build computer, and no matter whether you’re an every-day computer user or you’re recording your next album, every computer should have a high quality SSD card. These help you to access files quickly and efficiently, and ensure a fast boot speed when it comes to loading up the computer and loading files and programs.

Graphics Card

This is where PC purpose comes in. Not all computer users are going to need a high quality graphics card. Generally, media purposes and gaming purposes will benefit greatly from a graphics card, and help to boost the way the computer runs when it comes to gaming and watching/editing films. The graphics card helps to boost the graphics of games, and ensure that they run smoothly, giving PC gamers and media users an even better computing experience. High end or low end, there’s plenty of graphics cards to choose from.


One important thing to ensure that you’re getting the best quality product for your custom build PC, is to make sure that you go through different reviews and analyse the product you’re buying. If you know what you’re looking for, then looking at different reviews will help to give you a generalised product opinion, before you spend money and install it into your new PC. Additional products such as fans, watercoolers, and brand new motherboards, can all be added to your PC over time, but in order to get the ultimate custom build PC looking at RAM, processors, SSD Cards and graphics cards are all the best way to make your PC the best for its purpose.

The Using of IoT in Network Devices and Some Problems around It

It is possible to modify all household gadgets to work with the IoT system. Motion sensors, WiFi network adapters, microphones, cameras and other instruments can be rooted in the devices to make them work with the IoT. The primitive versions of this concept actually have been implemented in home automation systems such as light bulbs, wireless scales, and wireless blood pressure monitors. In the future, watches and glasses will become wearable computing devices that are planned to become the IoT systems’ key components. The other wireless communication protocols such as Bluetooth and WiFi also extend to the IoT naturally. See to see the technologies.

Some Problems around IoT

Internet of Things instantly causes questions around the personal data privacy. The common concerns are such as the real time physical location information, blood pressure and weight updates that may be known by the health care providers, and other new data details that can be accessible by anyone because we use wireless networks.

Besides, the power supply for IoT devices and the network connections can also be costly and difficult. If the portable devices use batteries as the power supply, it must be replaced someday. Even the devices are designed with lower power consumption, the energy costs are still high.

The IoT concept have been used by many corporations and ventures because they want to get the any business opportunities advantage of the concept. It also can cause claims confusing and inflated about the work of the product, even the great competition will also lower down the prices of the products.

It is assumed that IoT can underlie the network equipment and the related technology can work automatically and semi-intelligently. The system also should adapt the needs of people in many preferences and situations. Besides, if the system isn’t very robust, any technical malfunctions can cause damages of physically and financially.

The Helpful Quickbooks Support Service for the Simplicity

The Quickbooks Errors Support Number might be such the important thing for anyone who also uses this software on dealing with a lot of tasks of the accounting duties. There are so many ideas which you can deal with the wide ranges of the possible problems which might happen when you are using such the software of accounting called the Quickbooks. It is such the helpful software for anyone who needs to deal with the accounting tasks and duties which are complicated and really that difficult. Thanks to the technology which has been developed rapidly recently so that anyone who are in this digital era can enjoy any simplicity including on dealing with various tasks, business, duties, and many other things. There are so many solutions which can be much simpler, easier, and faster. That is including the existence of a lot of software or the applications for dealing with that. It is including the software of Quickbooks which has been used by a lot of people for dealing with the accounting duties and tasks. Still, even though it is such the helpful software for you, it is something common that you can find some difficulties or even problems which can happen in sudden. Then, finding the support services will be such a good idea for dealing with such those possibilities which might happen to anyone anytime. That will be helpful for dealing with any kinds of the problems which can be such the good point for you to be the solution which is so simple and really helpful.

That will be such the good point for you on dealing with the wide ranges of ideas regarding to the simplicity on dealing with any financial and accounting tasks. For sure, almost all people agree that it is the task which is not that really simple but that can be such the simpler way with the helpful software which can be used and also applied. It would not be that really hard to deal with that thing if we can simply choose the right software which can help dealing with any financial tasks for any kinds of business as like the software of Quickbooks which becomes the well known accounting tasks software right now. Then, the Quickbooks Support Phone can be such the helpful ideas on dealing with any difficulties or even problems when dealing with this software. The support service will be really easy to be called and easy to be contacted for giving the users some help.

The Quickbooks software is such helpful type software for dealing with the financial and accounting tasks which are totally that complicated. There are some types of the versions of Quickbooks software which are ready to be chosen. They are the Enterprise, Pro, and also Premier. The Enterprise version of this software is one of the powerful versions to be chosen. That is great for such the advanced use of the business since it offers the advanced features as well. The QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number might still be needed as well in order to dealing with the better way and simplicity to deal with the possible experience and problems.

The Emergence Of Ecommerce CRM Software Technology

The ecommerce market is absolutely booming right now. With such an explosion in growth, many entrepreneurs are seeking ecommerce as the platform from which to sell their products and services. One thing they need to consider is which ecommerce CRM software they should choose? Today we will be offering some recommendations when choosing your CRM.

What does CRM mean?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. A basic CRMsystem offers the business owners unique insights into customer data, interactions and communication efforts. More complex CRMs exist which can offer unique metric recording and massively helpful analytics on your marketing campaigns. Every business needs a CRM these days, and with the market already so saturated with options it is hard to find your way through all the different ecommerce CRM software that’s currently available.

What Makes a Good CRM?

First things first, you need to ensure your CRM software will easily integrate with your ecommerce site or platform. Many options are available for all the different platforms out there these days, so that part shouldn’t be hard to find. Installation should be considered as well. Find the CRM that can be installed with just a few clicks. You don’t want to do all the hard work; that’s what the software is for!

Cost Control

The next thing you need to consider is cost, don’t fork out thousands of dollars for a CRM system with 600 different features if you are just starting out and only have a few customers. Once the business expands and you are getting a lot of sales, it will be time to upgrade. Many CRM software products can be updated with new features as your company grows.


Functionality is the third thing to consider. The chosen CRM needs to be an easy to use and understand system. If you are taking hours to try and find one metric, it’s time to change CRMs. Look for one with a great UI. Bonus points will be if the CRM itself can be customized to suit your individual needs and tastes.


Metrics should be considered when shopping for CRM systems. Check to see if your CRM can handle different metric tracking and analysis. Things like bounce rates and click-through rates are a great way to see where you are losing customers. Add a nice conversion metric in with that and you will have a head of information to help you improve your store.


Integration is the final thing to consider when buying CRM software. Sure it might integrate into the ecommerce platform, but what if it doesn’t pair up with your marketing software or email listing service? Go for the CRM with the most integration possible in order to prevent you from using 35 different tools at the same time. It will save you a lot of hassle and time wasting when everything is neatly stacked in one place.

Online Payment Processing – Facebook, Apple, BlackBerry, and PayPal

PayPal, Facebook Inc., Blackberry Ltd, and Apple Inc. have recently reported details in New York trading concerning the companies. Below you can find more information on the mentioned details.

Facebook Inc.

According to CNBC, Facebook has decided to stop operating its desktop advertising platform and is going to double down on smartphone ads. Facebook Exchange (FBX) will stop being available to advertisers starting in November.

Based on the information provided:

  • Shares gained 0.16% to $117.89.
  • The net profit margin – 23.60%
  • The gross profit margin – 84.60%
  • The return on equity (ROE) – 10.80%
  • The share price is trading between 117.38 – 118.67 (price in dollars)
  • The stock exchange – 20.035.494 shares
  • The average daily volume – 27.420.500 shares
  • Employees – 13598 people
  • Has generated revenue of $19.77B over the last 12 months
  • Net income – $4.67B
  • Hedge funds – nearly $3 billion

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, mobile is the future. The company has decided to focus on such products as dynamic ads and custom audiences, which enable marketers to target customers on smartphones. In fact, 92% of Facebook’s 1.65 billion monthly users are active on mobile. S&P Global Market intelligence announced Fecebook the top purchase.

Apple Inc.

Apple has a different story. The company’s hedge funds sold over $5 billion of the stock in Q1.  The decisive majority that made up $4.8 billion came from positions that were completely closed out.

Given the modern eCommerce market, it is critical for merchants to turn to a reputable payment processor like eMerchantBroker to get the best for their business needs. (EMB) is a reliable and experienced high risk merchant account provider that delivers top security and fraud protection, lowest possible rates and exceptional payment processing services to customers.

BlackBerry Ltd

BlackBerry provided the following information:

  • Shares – nearly 3.17% to $7.16
  • Earnings per share (EPS) – $0.45
  • Outstanding shares – 522.51M
  • Net profit margin – 9.60%
  • Gross profit margin – 45.60%
  • Total market capitalization – $3.76B

PayPal (PYPL)

ePayments giant PayPal declared about an updated mobile app for the Apple (AAPL) iOS and the Alphabet (GOOGL) Google Android operating system in June 2016. According to PayPal, the also-ran mobile operating systems from (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT) and BlackBerry (BBRY) are obsolete.

PayPal said users of its Apple iOS and Android OS mobile apps should update to version 6.0 from June 3 to 30. The point is that PayPal will discontinue apps for those services starting June 30, though it will still be possible to access PayPal via browsers. The company didn’t mention about any app upgrade concerning BlackBerry, Amazon Fire, and Windows Phone. With Windows Phone market share gone below 1%, Windows Phone and BlackBerry have experienced ongoing market share losses.

In April 2016, the Android 6.0 update was sent to the majority of Blackberry Priv owners, as Neurogadget reports. Those who have signed up for Blackberry’s beta testing program will receive the 4th beta update for Android Marshmallow.

Why use a commercial Touch Screen

Commercial Touch Screens have created a big impact since arriving on the Digital Signage scene. There is still some confusion from end users as to why they should be using a Commercial Touch Screen in a public setting. This article will hopefully dispel any myths or false information about Commercial Touch Screens and guide you on the way to making a better, more informed Touch Screen purchase.

One of the most noticeable differences between commercial and domestic Touch Screens is their appearance. Many domestic Touch Screen products such as Touch Screen Computers, Laptops or Tablets will have their manufacturers branding somewhere on the screen, in a commercial setting this is completely unprofessional and takes the focus away from what is happing on screen. Commercial Touch Screens take this into account and should feature no branding at all on the screen. According To Thomas Fraser-Bacon of Allsee Technologies Ltd “Digital Signage Touch Screens are supposed to increase the awareness of your brand and not that of the manufacturer of your domestic touch display.” Any commercial Digital Signage Display should not feature any external buttons or controls. This is to stop unwarranted tampering with the display because unlike the domestic screen market many of the functions in a Digital Signage screen are automated so do not require manual interaction.

Commercial Touch Screens are designed to be in constant use 24 hours a day, seven days a week when required. No domestic Touch Screen is designed with that kind of usage in mind. By using commercial grade LCD panels and components that are designed for constant use, Digital Signage displays have an expected lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours. Used for extended periods of times expect the image retention and colours of your domestic Touch Screen to falter after a relatively short period.

Image quality is important when you are using Digital Signage, superior display quality can help get your message across and invite more people to use your Touch Screen. Commercial Touch Screens require higher image quality than domestic ones as domestic Touch Screens are only designed to be viewed a few inches away either by the tablet in your hand or the Touch Screen computer on your desk. Commercial Touch Screens are much brighter and have a better contrast ratio to attract the attention of the audience from a much further distance away. The viewing angle on commercial Touch Screens is much higher, Touch Screen computers are not designed to be used in portrait either!

So now if you have decided to invest in a commercial Touch Screen, the question now becomes, “what commercial Touch Screen should I invest in?” There is no simple answer to this and it comes down to more your requirements. Infrared and PCAP are the two leading forms of touch technology in the Digital Signage market. Infrared is the tried and trusted form of touch technology used in most commercial applications. If you see a Touch Screen in public, it is more than likely using infrared touch technology. Infrared touch technology is used in commercial Touch Screens as users can rely on robustness and its durability. Projected Capacitive (more commonly referred to as PCAP) is a more expensive Touch Screen technology. You are paying for a higher quality touch experience though as PCAP is the same touch technology found in all modern smartphones and tablets as users can rely on its responsive and sensitive nature. Whatever kind of commercial Touch Screen you choose in the end, both infrared or PCAP are ideal for commercial applications.

For people looking to invest in a Touch Screen to use in a commercial or public setting it is of the upmost importance that you understand the differences and the dangers of failing to invest in a commercially graded Touch Screen. A domestic Touch Screen computer or tablet is designed just for that, the domestic setting, with the correct hardware behind you, your Touch Screen project can florish.

Knowing What VPS Is and What This Does to Your Online Business

Zillion of people use internet as their media to share many things they care. Some will care, and some will not. But the one needs to care and see is that there are too many problems that can occur, if one sees is really closely. If you are ever curious, what kind of problems that do exist out of your comfort zone, you might as well prepare yourself to be surprised. Yet, you will not see that in this 300 words article. It does still relate, and will make you realize how important a VPS is to your online business.

What is VPS? Okay, so before you go ahead to and find what you desire for to make your online business become more less traffic, you have to know a bit about VPS. Basically, VPS is virtual private server. It will allow you to have your own personal server and hosting. It allows you to have more than a single benefit. It will also then lead your customer to be more comfortable when they find your sites somehow, somewhat. So if you do want to be serious in this phase of business, then have a look on some VPS information would be very, very helpful.

Thus, getting to know VPS is very critical. Besides giving you more benefits on private server, it will also give a good impact to the one with sensitive data customers that you will really want to save to death, because hey, customers’ privacy is number one priority. By this VPS, you do not have to share no more and that can be another perk of having one. The point is, the more you less protect it, the more you will get a chance to be a fall down business owner. And the more you concern and have a good strategy to run, the calmer you will be. This one solution is absolutely worth a shot. Try one?



Hiring the perfect internet marketing agency will be a big plus to your business as they help advertise your business to potential clients the world all over that’s difficult to reach.

Major role of an internet marketing agency

An internet marketing agency Toronto offers solutions to myriad of internet marketing problems most business owners possibly encounter in the course of doing business. These agencies can give you the help needed by developing the right internet marketing strategies. Are you looking to expand your customer’s base, gain more publicity, polish your brand image? Consult a reliable internet marketing Toronto today. Not only does internet marketing agencies advertise your business, they are also specialized in a variety of services including web development. They can help develop your website and enhance its looks to attract potential clients. They will establish a solid customer’s base to enable your business thrive amidst top competitors. These are some of the numerous advantages of employing the services of a good internet marketing agency. With the right strategies, you can be assured that your business will be become more productive, yield more revenue and increase its customer base. Internet marketing agency Toronto can devise means to keep your business thriving and also maximize productivity. Brand managing and publicity will be done to attract your target customers and also keep them interested in buying your products or services through an effective mode of communication between your business and customers.

Professional market agencies aim at ensuring that your business is SEO optimized, as this opens you up to be easily seen by clients looking for your type of services on search results engine. Another great way through which these agencies can also generate more revenue include the pay per click advertisement to your website. If you are in a confused state of how to manage your internet marketing business, then seek the services of a professional to boost your business. Knowing how to rate higher over your market competitors will do your business a lot of good. Professional marketing agencies Toronto will utilize marketing strategies to that effect, they will help analyze the market and recommend the most suitable strategies to boost your business amidst competitors. Keeping your customers is another essential thing in internet marketing business. This will be done by getting to know customers demand and providing the necessary services that will suit customers and keep them committed to your business. These internet marketing agencies will help you harness the untapped potentials in the internet marketing sector in an effective and efficient manner.



To ignore the internet can mean failure for a small business. These days, business marketing is now mostly done via the internet. Business people are taking advantage of the advancement in ICT. Operating an Ecommerce business requires strategic marketing to project your business to your potential client. The internet is now increasingly becoming the easiest and most effective method, if well utilized, to advertise and promote a business. The cyber forum is getting more populated with different brands and business owners, hence competition has drastically increased over the years. The invention of the Internet brought about new methods and ways of promoting a business. It is fast becoming the major option in terms of promoting and publicizing business, because entrepreneurs can easily advertise their products and services in an efficient way. eCommerce marketing helps in building customer base due to the limitless opportunities that the internet has to offer.

eCommerce marketing is one of the most effective and reliable ways of advertising your products or services to potential clients anywhere in the world. Business organizations of all sizes must be creative and make available the resources required to explore the internet world and harness its promotional abilities while also reducing operation cost and increasing effectiveness. Ecommerce marketing automation will takes care of the advertising aspect of your business, thus allowing you focus on the other significant sectors of your business. By opting for this service, you will be able to multitask, which will further enhance your business. This platform allows business owners interact with clients, knowing what they really want and working towards meeting their requirement.

Having an ecommerce marketing website will help you take orders all day long without you having to be there. Customers can use the automated process to place orders through the ecommerce marketing platform, thus facilitating business transactions. The online market allows customers to carefully review products and choose the one that best meets their needs. The orders will be taken whether you are available or not. The automated sales process that it provides is incredible. Business owners yet to harness the benefits of eComerce marketing automation are advised to do so. ecommerce marketing is relatively cheap and effective, as it offers you the chance to keep in touch with your customers. Doing all these on your own will be time consuming. With eCommerce, these processes can be automated.